Karlski (karlski) wrote,

Oh shit! An update!

Well, sort of.

I'm working on the seed of a D&D 4th ed campaign (or some other game system yet to be named, but shut up) but a slightly different take on the concept. My idea is a campaign set mostly (if not entirely) in a large city. For the history buffs, London in the 18th century. For the fantasy buffs, Ankh-Morpork. Lots of political intrigue, diplomacy, thieving, assassination, wenching, merchants, spying and alchymickal discoveries.

Anyone got ideas for source material? For that matter, anyone got recommendations for game systems other than D&D?

(Incidentally, I realise that there are about four people that read my livejournal and I live with three of them, so do pass this request for comment on to others who may have an answer.)
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